messy hair and thirsty hearts

Ever since a tender young age of god knows when I've proudly exclaimed my favourite colour is purple. Shades of lovely lilac, lavender lace and almost amethyst connect like a constellation as your eyes wander around my bedroom.

Notably in my wardrobe though, I've hardly ever touched these colours. It is safe to say I've never been a fully fledged fushcia fanatic either, but have been more drawn to and thirsty for blue.

I'm not really sure if it's the water, waves and summer vibe kicking in, but I guess this is my little homage to the brilliant blue. With my new boyish long-bob chop (see my instagram ✌ ✻)
, I predict I'm going to play around the colour wheel this season, but of course splash a little blue in every now and then.

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Maja eM said...

Love those photos, so meancholic!
Have a very stylish New Year! <3